ASAP launch

April 27, 2010

A new ASAP website currently being developed has been launched to showcase 9ct gold jewellery products. The new website makes jewellery shopping easy, convenient and affordable. features a host of 9 carat gold items, all available for purchase through the site. Items include men’s watches, bracelet and necklace chains for women and a myriad of other items such as earrings, pendants and gold novelty pens.

Nine carat gold is an increasingly popular item. Although not as timeless as its 18 carat or 24 carat counterparts, 9ct gold offers an affordable, stylish alternative that still retains the value of the popular precious metal. According to a popular jewellery site, 9 carat gold is becoming one of the most common types of jewellery.

Gold is measured in carats, but not in the way that diamonds or other precious stones are measured. Gold jewellery is rated to how much weight in gold an item has per 24th. So, 9 carat gold items have 9 parts gold out of 24. Other metals in 9 carat gold jewellery include silver and copper.

Although 18 carat, a higher quality, and 24 carat, the equivalent of pure gold, are worth more in value. The appearance of 9 carat gold mirrors its heftier counterparts flawlessly.

On, the convenient search box can be used to find any item available in the site’s inventory. Purchases can be made directly through the site using the button provided near each item. The button will direct buyers to the jewellery they are interested in.


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