WCJB Authors

Michael Harries

Michael Harries is a pizza delivery guy, but since this is only a part-time job that doesn’t pay as much and that he doesn’t really like, he is also a writer.  He writes about a variety of topics in the news, such as entertainment, travel and business.  During his spare time he enjoys skateboarding with his friends, as well as doing other athletic activities.  One day he hopes that his writing career will take off even more.

Emma Mitchell

Emma Mitchell is a teller for her local bank, but she is not a regular employee who works every day.  Working at the bank is only a part-time deal for her, because she also takes care of four children.  So, to make up for not working a full-time job, Emma also writes news for sites on the internet.  This allows her to still meet her children at home when they return from school and spend more time with them.

Jack Millar

Jack Millar is a guy who prepares food at the American Hardee’s fast food restaurant, and although he likes making food that people enjoy, working at a fast food restaurant wasn’t really what he had in mind for the rest of his life.  This is why Jack has also taken up writing, becoming something of a news writer online.  After he starts writing more, he plans to continue following this path as a career.

Phil Hunt

Phil Hunt is a farmer, but only by blood, being a son in a family that owns a farm.  Still being young, he is required to work on the farm with his father and siblings, but during his spare time he also writes the news for various online newspapers.  Upon leaving his family to venture out on his own one day, Phil plans to become a full-time writer and leave the days of farming behind him.

Sarah Pool

Sarah Pool is a senior swimmer for her high school’s swim team, and even though she is young, Sarah works a little as a news writer on the internet instead of working locally.  Writing has allowed her to save up money for the future and still keep her focus on studying.  However, the goal that she has set for herself is to become an Olympic competitor just like Michael Phelps, an athlete whom she and many others look up to.