Assange mother condemns extradition

February 25, 2011

Christine Assange, the mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, has condemned a decision to extradite him to Sweden to face sex crimes charges. Speaking to the press in their home country of Australia, Ms Assange said the ruling is wrong on both a legal and a political level and likened it to “gang rape”.

The decision to allow Mr Assange to stand trial in Sweden was made by a British judge on Thursday, who claimed that the former computer hacker would have a fair hearing in the country. Assange, however, believes that the allegations against him are part of a political plot to discredit the controversial website.

Assange caused anger across the western world and particularly in Washington when he published hundreds and thousands of confidential US cables on his Wikileaks website. Secret documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were also made available to the public.

After two women who Assange met in Sweden in August last year accused him of rape and sexual misconduct, an European arrest warrant was issued for the website boss. Christine Assange, however, claimed that such a warrant has never been used in this way before, and called her son’s struggle a “David and Goliath” fight. She added that she fears governments are working across borders to ensure that her son is silenced.

Ms Assange went on to tell the Australian media that the issues surrounding her son’s extradition just accentuate the need for a website like Wikileaks, which she says can tell the public the truth. She added that she fears for democracy itself as well as for her son.


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  1. jackpublico on February 28th, 2011 7:08 pm

    DO NOT buy The Guardian this pamphlet is responsible for the belief that Assange is a sexual offender.
    Is responsible by the Swedish farce