Avatar expected to boost Blu-ray sales at Tesco

April 26, 2010

In the wake of its huge international box office success. Avatar is expected to be just as big of a hit at video stores, according to Tesco. The retail giant says it expects to sell 20,000 copies of the film, and that’s just in Blu-ray format.

The DVD release of the film is expected to smash sales records, much in the same way it did box office records. Blu-ray machine makers expect that the film could put their technology on the map, as it is anticipated that the film will sell well in this format.

The 3D sci-fi is available on sale today. In fact, some retailers opened their doors at midnight the evening previous so eager customers could get their copy first. Avatar has first been released in Blu-ray format superseding the DVD release. When the popular ‘Matrix’ movies were released, a similar move was made with DVDs, putting them on the map. Blu-ray manufacturers are hoping for a similar phenomenon.

Avatar, which quickly became the highest grossing film ever, took £86m home from UK box offices alone. Tesco, popular supermarket giant, was one such retailer that opened up store locations at midnight. 180 Tesco store locations opened their door’s at midnight to sell the Blu-ray copies. The retail giant says they anticipate selling 20,000 copies of Blu-ray versions of the film. This would be the fastest selling of any film in such a format.

Despite an 167 per cent increase in sales last year, Blu-ray will still be significantly outsold by the DVD format. An expected 200,000 DVD copies will be sold. But the latest introduction of 3D TV’s should also help Blu-ray’s popularity.


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