Cheryl Cole Bans Hubby from BRITs

February 15, 2010

Cheryl Cole has had an upsetting weekend after learning that her husband Ashley Cole sent naked pics of himself to blonde glamour model Sonia Wild’s mobile phone, which of course were leaked. His story, of course, is that he lent his phone to somebody who sent the photos as a joke, which Sonia replied to with her own saucy pics.

Poor little England defender Ashley got hurt during the Chelsea vs Everton match-up last Wednesday night and had to have an operation on his broken ankle. However, the latest development in the couple’s relationship took away any sympathy she had for him over the injury. Cheryl went to the hospital to let him explain his side of the story after the surgery, not looking sorry for him at all.

According to sources, Cheryl was so devastated and humiliated by the news on Friday morning that she couldn’t even continue practicing for her performance. The couple already went through affair accusations 2 years ago, and they made it through that. Who knows if they will be able to make it through this.

This all led to Cheryl canceling their romantic Valentine’s Day plans and instead requested that the rehearsal schedule be bumped up so she could practice for her solo performance at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday. She also allegedly told Ashley not to go.

Then the plot thickened when Miss Wild said that Ashley was the one who sent the photos, adding that he even called her and asked to meet with her. She said that he offered to fly her to America while he was on tour with Chelsea, saying that, if it wasn’t him, then she’s a nun and adding that there’s never been a doubt in her mind that the texts, pics and calls were all from him.


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