Cheryl Cole Heads for LA Without Wedding Ring

February 18, 2010

Cheryl Cole has been traveling about without her wedding ring for a couple days now. She was seen performing on stage at the BRIT Awards Tuesday night without it, and then on Wednesday, she was seen at Heathrow Airport waiting for a flight to Los Angeles - again, without the ring. Then after arriving in LA, she still wasn’t wearing it.

It appears that the 26-year-old singer is making up her mind what to do about the recent allegations that her husband Ashley was pretty much cheating on her….again. He was alleged on Friday morning last week to have sent naked photos of himself, suggestive texts and made phone calls to topless model Sonia Wild. Then only a couple days after that, he was alleged to have sent more nude pics and take part in ’sex texting’ with a blonde secretary, while more allegations have emerged that he spent the night with a woman.

The rumors now are saying that Cheryl will announce their split in just weeks. According to some of her friends, the singer has had enough and gone way past riding out the storm that is their relationship - especially since they spent most of 2009 getting their relationship back in order after he had an affair with a hairdresser. They speculate that she will end their marriage upon her return to the UK in a week.

One of Cheryl’s friends says that she is holding it together and is really tough, having come from a Newcastle estate. She loves Ashley, they continued, but there is only so much she can take. The singer is exhausted with everything, the friend said, adding that she was going to ride it out at one point, but can’t face all these new rumors.


3 Responses to “Cheryl Cole Heads for LA Without Wedding Ring”

  1. Joan on February 18th, 2010 12:03 pm

    It was only a matter of time before Ashley Cole reared his ugly head yet again. Dump him and spend the extra hours taking singing lessons- Fight for this love at the Brits was an utter farce.

  2. Sarah Gee on February 19th, 2010 1:30 pm

    she should be with someone like me

  3. sue barber on February 19th, 2010 7:58 pm

    cheryl he is a complete waster. life is far to short, enjoy it yourself, a lovely pretty girl like you should embrace life and all the opportunitities it has given you. It will hurt for a long time, but eventually normality will take hold and for a beauty like yourself who has her feet firmly on the ground with good friends life will get better and better. Someone will love your love and smile with you throughout the rest of your life, don’t go looking it will happen.