Cheryl Cole to Appear on Jonathan Ross Chat Show

February 25, 2010

Cheryl Cole is scheduled to appear on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to talk about Ashley cheating on her and their marriage breaking down. Although it looks as though the television appearance was set due to the scandal, Cheryl actually made the arrangement before any of the allegations broke news.

The 26-year-old hasn’t spoken much about the affair allegations that have been pouring out in recent weeks, but March 12 will be the first time she will address the public about the scandal. That is if she still plans to go, as she hasn’t confirmed that she will make the scheduled appearance.

The Girls Aloud singer just got back home on Tuesday from LA, where she had been doing some work for the last week following the Brits. Shortly after arriving, she released her first public statement that confirmed she and Ashley would be getting a divorce.

Cheryl was previously a guest on Ross’s show in 2008 when the first claims about Ashley having affair surfaced. While on the show, Cheryl openly and honestly talked about her marital issues. At that time, he had been cheating on her with hairdresser Aimee Walton, and they had worked through it - only getting their relationship back on track last year. Or so she thought.

It’s looks as though Simon Cowell, fellow X Factor judge, is going to help Cheryl through this ordeal. Max Clifford, his spokesman, said that it will be very hard for her have privacy, but Simon will be able to do it while they are in America. He believes that Cheryl still loves Ashley, which is probably true. People just don’t instantly fall out of love.


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