Cheryl Cole to Stick with Ashley Despite Second Girl?

February 16, 2010

It appears as though Cheryl Cole wants to fight for her marriage, believing that it’s worth it. This declaration came before her husband, Ashley Cole, embarrassed her for the second time in a week.

Cheryl spent a majority of last year trying to fix up her marriage after the footballer cheated on her with Amiee Walton, a hairdresser. But on Friday morning it was revealed that he, or as he claims someone who borrowed his mobile, sent naked pics and suggestive texts to topless model Sonia Wild. Then it was discovered on Monday that he sent more nude pics and x-rated texts to a secretary.

However, Cheryl isn’t giving up on her marriage, according to an interview last week before the cat was let out of the bag. She said that if something is worth fighting for, then people should fight for it, adding that her marriage is worth it. She said that sometimes one of them makes a mistake and then the other does, but anybody that throws in the towel doesn’t achieve anything. Talking more about marriage in general, Cheryl said that the first 6-12 months is great and everything works on its own. Then everyday life takes over, she added, and she thinks that’s normal.

During the interview, Cheryl also talked about wanting to start a family with Ashley, but not this year. She says that she doesn’t want to wait forever to have kids though.

Well let’s see if Cheryl decides to stick with it or throw in the towel now. Her Girls Aloud sisters and her mom seem to vote for the latter. They are all saying that enough is enough and that it’s time to dump Ashley. This is at least the third woman that he has cheated on her with - who knows if there are more - even if he wasn’t physically with the newly discovered two. It’s time she finds someone better!


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