Expedia sales in Scotland jump 40 per cent

January 31, 2011

Expedia has opened a new UK office in Edinburgh as sales for the country rise by 40 per cent. As tourism continues to increase in Scotland for the global online travel agency, the firm has opted to put a base in the country to promote further relationships with Scottish hoteliers. According ...

Nelson Mandela in hospital two nights is a row

January 28, 2011

Concern is mounting over former South African President Nelson Mandela’s health as he spent a second night in hospital. His office reported the 92 year old statesman is undergoing specialized tests and that there is no cause for panic. He was visited by friends and family throughout the day. As ...

HSBC under tax-evasion investigation

January 27, 2011

HSBC may be served legal summons for allegedly helping wealthy Americans evade tax. The matter has come to light following the indictment of a rich client on charges that an unnamed international bank assisted in the stashing of large funds in offshore tax havens India and British Virgin Islands. People ...

Goodbye Andy Gray, but Richard Keys must follow too

January 26, 2011

Sky Sports’s Andy Gray was sacked after off-air sexist remarks caught on tape were leaked, and now the station is being pushed to boot off primary football anchor Richard Keys. The two were once before reprimanded for making lewd remarks about a female assistant referee prior to a game between ...

Supermarkets bacon more than 10% water

January 25, 2011

Own-brand bacon is being pumped full of water in order to make the cuts look bigger to shoppers. This is according to consumer watchdog Which?, that carried on tests on bacon at Morrions, Marks & Spencers, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. According to the study, the 'big four' supermarkets (Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury's ...

Sky Sports pundits apologise for sexism

January 24, 2011

Two Sky Sports football pundits have been forced to apologise after sexist comments they made about a female lines official were leaked to the media. Richard Keys and Andy Gray, both previously respected in the profession, uttered the offensive remarks during Liverpool's 3-0 victory over Wolves this weekend. Although their remarks ...

Tesco rolls out energy saving monitors at 500 stores

January 21, 2011

Popular UK supermarket Tesco has introduced a new eco-friendly scheme that will save its stores thousands of tonnes in carbon emissions each year. The new scheme began as a pilot in nine stores, where touch screen energy monitors were installed so that staff could see how much energy was being consumed. ... dominates car hire searches in 2010

January 20, 2011

Leading car hire comparison website - - earned the top honours in Greenlight's latest research for SEO and social media marketing. The UK's favourite price comparison site ranked in the top position for car rental searches based on visibility. With 53 per cent of searches bringing up as number ...

Royal Bank of Scotland chairman admits bonuses are lavish

January 19, 2011

Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Sir Philip Hampton has reignited the debate over UK banking "bonus culture" after remarks made during a televised interview. Anger has been mounting over the financial sector's flagrant bonus atmosphere since most major UK banks ignored MPs warnings to show restraint amidst austerity. As lavish bonuses ...

Hilton launches Any Weekend Anywhere sale

January 18, 2011

As the winter holidays are ending, Britons are returning to the everyday routine of life. This winter escape the daily grind with new offerings from discount vouchers. In 2011, discount vouchers has partnered with a number of top brand names to offer the highest possible savings. This year, take advantage of ...

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