Queen’s post baby letters to go under the hammer

March 31, 2011

Letters written by Queen Elizabeth just two weeks after the birth of her two sons have been revealed for the first time. In the letters sent to her second cousin, Lady Mary Cambridge, the Queen shows rarely seen emotion, talking about Prince Charles as "very sweet", and then describing his ...

Carphone Warehouse unveils royal wedding handset

March 24, 2011

As royal wedding fever sweeps the nation, Carphone Warehouse has become the latest company to cash in on the trend for patriotic merchandise. Alcatel has released a royal wedding themed handset for their Smartphone, which is available for all memorabilia fans now. Adorned in the colours of the Union Jack, the ...

Brits told to leave Tokyo as crisis deepens

March 17, 2011

Brits have been advised to leave Tokyo and northern Japan as fears about radiation levels at the Fukushima plant continue to rise. Yesterday evening the UK Foreign Office issued a warning for all British nationals to relocate by whatever means necessary. France has also issued its citizens with evacuation advice, while ...

Princes and Asda commit to sustainable fishing

March 10, 2011

Two big players in the seafood industry have announced that they will change the way their products are caught to help protect endangered species. Walmart, which owns UK supermarket Asda, and Mitsubishi, which owns Princes tuna, will stop buying from fishermen who use ‘fish aggregating devices' (FADs). Such methods have been ...

Cheated women gets ultimate eBay revenge on ex

March 3, 2011

An American woman who found out that her boyfriend of five years was being unfaithful is auctioning off his clothes on eBay while posing nearly-naked with the items. The 26-year-old, known only by her Facebook name Taylor Morgan, has employed a friend to take sexy snaps of her wearing nothing ...