University student becomes trapped in clothes horse

November 24, 2011

A student at the University of Derby had to be set free by fire fighters after she became trapped in a clothes horse. Danielle Morgan told reporters that she was "mucking about" in the bedroom of her flatmate when the accident happened. Both her friends and members of staff working at ...

US police discover major drug tunnel underneath Mexico border

November 17, 2011

Officials in the US say that they have discovered a drug-smuggling tunnel underneath the border shared with Mexico and seized around 14 tons of marijuana. The authorities say that the tunnel linked factory houses in the famous city of Tijuana in Mexico with the lesser-known Otay Mesa, in California. Photographs of ...

Theresa May bans Muslims Against Crusades

November 10, 2011

The home secretary is going to ban Muslims Against Crusades, a controversial group that planned anti-Armistice Day protests. The group had wanted to repeat demonstrations it held last year, which is when it burned poppies close to London's Albert Hall. The order from May will make any membership or support ...

Greater Manchester Police chief speaks on brothel debate

November 3, 2011

Decriminalising brothels might solve problems that are linked to prostitution, according to Simon Byrne – a Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police. Byrne said that he would welcome debates about alternative approaches to effectively policing prostitution or sexual exploitation. The comments were made on the Police Chiefs blog. Byrne, who ...