Health benefits of pedicures cause surge in male clients

August 4, 2010

Pedicures, having once been seen as a pampered indulgence for women, have now taken a forefront in medical podiatry as an effective means of proper foot care.

With a surge in popularity as the health benefits of regular pedicures becomes known, women are now not the only ones taking part in a little foot pampering. London’s Marylebone-based foot clinic, Margaret Dabbs has reported a rise in male clientele by 30 per cent since 2005. Now nearly 35 per cent of the foot spa’s clients are men.

At the Dabbs clinic, a full hour of foot pampering will cost around £175 and include the removal of dead and dry skin, cracked heal treatments and the foot spa even features an oxygen bar. But the new trend is a far cry from vanity. Podiatrists are touting the health benefits of such regular maintenance of the feet. Citing improved circulation and avoidance of dead skin build-up, a good pedicurist can help improve health overall avoiding desensitisation of the feet later in life.

ASAP has begun a new site,, designed to provide a wide range of information on the procedure and health benefits of regular pedicures. With a detailed description of ideal qualities in a good pedicurist, the website is a helpful tool for anyone considering regular practice of this new medical rejuvenation. Most pedicurists are found within beauty salons or foot clinics having received training as specialised cosmetologists.

However, the website also details the practice of mobile beauty therapy, where clients can arrange for a private pedicure at home. Mobile beauticians are also convenient for anyone that wishes to throw a private party with a little bit of pampering thrown in.


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