Jimmy Carr tax affairs deemed morally wrong by Cameron

June 21, 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron has branded the tax arrangements of the famous comedian Jimmy Carr as being “morally wrong”.

The PM made the comment as he appeared on ITV News in the wake of reports that Carr has been understood to be one of the members of a legal yet aggressive tax avoidance scheme. Reports allege that Carr told his audience at the weekend that, with regards to tax, he pays merely what he has to and not even a penny more.

In its own statement on the matter, HM Revenue and Customs confirmed that it will be taking firm action that is needed to protect the Chancellor of the Exchequer from tax losses that are unacceptable. Over 1,000 people, including Carr, have apparently been using the K2 scheme, based on the island of Jersey, which is believed to be sheltering around £168m per year from the Treasury.

When part of the scheme, an individual hands in their resignation from the company they are employed by, which means that any salary they receive is then paid to a specially set-up offshore trust. According to reports, Carr was confronted over his current financial arrangements as he performed a show in the town of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, when an audience member shouted: “You don’t pay any taxes.”


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