Liam Gallagher Feud Continues with Peter Kay

February 19, 2010

Peter Kay has criticized Liam Gallagher’s behavior at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday night again. During the ceremony, Liam had accepted the Brits Album of 30 Years award on behalf of Oasis. He thanked everyone but his brother Noel (who wrote all the songs on the album), cursed multiple times, threw the microphone and tossed the award he was presented out into the audience.

Right afterward, Kay called him a k***head, but Liam’s behavior didn’t stop there. He went backstage for an ITV2 interview, which was conducted by his wife, Nicole Appleton. During the interview he spouted more f-bombs and then asked if they could all go take a ton of class A drugs as the interview ended. Ofcom has been getting many complaints from all this, of course.

Then on only hours later, Liam called Kay a fat f*** on Twitter. He told the comic that he is a real northerner that wasn’t brought up to say s*** behind peoples’ backs. It was later found that Kay wrote a little something on his official website as well. The comic said that he was honored to host the show, particularly since it was the 30th year of the event. He added a congratulations to all the winners, including Noel, who he noted didn’t get mentioned and thankfully isn’t a k***head.

Any awards ceremony is an honorable event, and it’s a shame that some artists can’t seem to be respectful of that. Despite that, the event is over and there really isn’t much anyone can do about what happened, so let’s just move on and leave it be now.


One Response to “Liam Gallagher Feud Continues with Peter Kay”

  1. Gary Mullan on February 19th, 2010 3:08 pm

    liam gallagher is a legend