Majorca bomb blast kills two and traps tourists

July 31, 2009

The popular Spanish resort island of Majorca was sealed off yesterday following a terrorist bombing that killed two officers.  It was suspected that ETA was responsible for the attack.

Officials closed the island’s airport and seaports, leaving at least hundreds of tourists stranded, after the second bombing in two days that targeted the country’s police.

An Interior Ministry spokesperson said: “As a result of the attack state security forces have sealed off the island to avoid the escape of the terrorists.”

According to the Civil Guard, the location of the bomb was the Palmanova resort area, which is located to the south-west of Palma, the capital of the holiday island. It went off during the lunch hour outside the Civil Guard offices - a few miles from where Spain’s royal family is currently on holiday.

Majorca police immediately put “Operation Cage” into operation, closing the sea ports and the airport, hoping to prevent the bombers from leaving the island.

This move caused chaos to the travel plans of many visitors, and is being called a further blow to Majorca’s important tourism industry.

Security forces have said that they believe ETA, which has recently been weakened by the arrests of its top leaders, is try to show that it is still able to carry out strikes.

On the previous day, a blast at the police barracks in the northern Spanish city of Burgos injured around 60 people.

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