Mike Summerbee accuses Sky of United bias

February 21, 2011

Former Manchester City player Mike Summerbee has refused to apologise after accusing Sky TV of favouring Manchester United over his club. The retired footballer admitted losing his temper live on air while watching City’s 2-1 defeat to United, but said he still believes that the broadcaster only sees the rival club.

Summerbee condemned Sky in his column for the matchday programme, saying he was sick of seeing Wayne Rooney’s winning goal which was repeated several times. He claimed that although it was clearly a special goal, he had too much of it as it was still being repeated on the channel the day after the Manchester Derby.

It is believed that senior officials at Sky have said that the 68-year-old City ambassador will not be invited on the channel again following his comments. Summerbee, however, claims he has had nothing but positive feedback from fellow City fans.

Summberbee claims that he was angered by the fact that his former club’s achievements both on and off the pitch are never recognised in the media. He added that he was proud of the way city played in the Old Trafford game and left the grounds feeling upbeat despite the defeat.


2 Responses to “Mike Summerbee accuses Sky of United bias”

  1. kevin on February 21st, 2011 5:51 pm

    Mike Summerbee is correct both Sky and BBC on the tv and most newspapers, favour Man United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, over the rest of the premership man city only get mentioned when ther is a traning ground spat, when will everyteam get the fair share of coverage from these bised persons start to come to term with the fact that there are 20 teams that make the premership not 3 or 4

  2. Dave on February 23rd, 2011 9:09 pm

    I met Mike Summerbee at Citys home match against Newcastle. Before the game he chatted to me and waited very patiently while i pratted around with my camera. Eventually he had his picture taken with my two City mad sons individually. He is a great guy. On Sky……I watched the match. He was sticking up for his beloved City, because we didn’t get a mention after the game. Sky could see no further than Rooney(great goal Wayne) and all his mates wearing red. City played superbly and did not deserve to lose the game. We had United on the rack for periods. Did we get any credit from Redknap or Yorke? No.Mike was trying to balance the debate but they didn’t want to know. Well done Mike, keep sticking your oar in on behalf of City. You are right,we are alongside United now. They know we are a threat!