New ASAP site offers advice for asset management

April 28, 2010

A new website under development by ASAP has been launched to provide detailed information about the benefits of asset management. offers a host of information on asset management, including options for business strategies as well as a variety of software suggestions.

Asset management is the practice of offering advice, sales or maintaining accounts for individuals, governments or non-profit organisations. Fund managers are hired to help oversee any number of assets on behalf of the client. The type of management needs will vary per client. Some clients will choose to play active roles in management, while others choose to leave all decisions up to the asset manager.

This new website provides all the information needed to help a client choose the right asset management company according to their specific needs. There are a list of companies for clients to choose from along with information on how each company can specifically meet the needs of a particular customer.

Additionally, also features detailed information about asset management software. For asset managers, the site can be a useful tool when choosing the appropriate software to meet a client’s specific needs. Asset management software helps managers monitor funds. Available in a variety of different packages, the software can be a time-saving tool in the industry.

For more informatio,n visit to learn about the available options for asset management companies. Asset managers will find the site helpful and can visit the software section located online for tips and tools.


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