New website details info for 4-D baby scans

April 19, 2010

A new UK website has been launched to offer expectant mothers valuable information about 4-D baby scans. In recent years, 3-D scans have become a popular form of image viewing for mothers-to-be. The 3-D scan offers a unique, comprehensive view of the unborn child.

The latest technology to complement this phenomenon is the 4d scan. The 4-D scan allows expectant mothers to view moving images of their unborn baby. Utilising the 3-D technology, the 4d baby scans are able to supplement the full body image with motion. Mothers-to-be can see their child moving for the first time.

2-D scans continue to retain value as a means to evaluate any medical issues the child may have, but 3-D and 4-D scans are becoming the most popular means to see a unborn child in its entirety ahead of the birth.

The recommended time for expectant mothers to get a 4d scan is between the 26-30th week of pregnancy. Any earlier and the baby’s skin may not be fully developed leaving facial bones exposed. Any later and the head may have dropped to far down in the pelvis to see the face of the unborn baby. is a website that provides all the necessary information for mothers-to-be to make an informed choice about 4-D scans and ultrasounds. On the site, mothers can browse scanning options, read more about 4-D scans, and see the medical benefits of each scanning option.


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