Online public liability insurance advice

August 10, 2010

In Ireland during 2009, there was €33m paid out in awards for public liability insurance claims. Of this figure, 72 per cent of claims were filed by female employees. Furthermore, over half of these accidents were within private sector firms.

Public liability insurance is a great way for companies to avoid paying out of pocket for unforeseen onsite injuries. According to Patricia Byron, the Irish Injuries Board’s chief executive, businesses will save time and money by taking preventative measures to avoid accidents in the workplace.

However, it is also important for individuals and firms to understand how public liability works. A new website is now available,, to provide a comprehensive outlook on the nuances of public liability insurance cover and how it can serve you as an employee and the business.

Visit the site to learn more about what this type of insurance has to offer and how it can keep hefty hospital bills, ambulance fees and legal fees from piling up against a company’s bottom line. It is also a useful tool for employees to educate themselves on what types of insurance are available in the workplace.

It is essential for any private sector firm to obtain good public liability insurance quotes prior to selecting a policy. Several price and policy comparators have popped up online to help firms select the right policy for their business needs. Visit to get more information and begin selecting a useful policy today.


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