Palace concerned about chauffeur security breach

May 26, 2009

A royal chauffeur at Buckingham Palace, Brian Sirjusingh, has been suspended after allegedly allowing undercover reporters onto Palace grounds. The reporters were posing as businessmen from the Middle East.

The Queen is said to be seriously concerned about the alleged security breach caused when the part-time chauffeur reportedly escorted the two men into the palace, without any security checks conducted.

Thirty-eight-year-old Sirjusingh is said to have charged the men £1,000 for access to the palace through the Royal Mews entry.

He has been accused of taking them to see the fleet of cars used by the Royal Family for official purposes and of photographing them sitting in the back seat of the Bentley that is used by the Queen.

“That’s where she sits,” Sirjusingh allegedly said to the reporters, who work for a Sunday newspaper.

He reportedly also showed them the Bentley used by the Princess Royal, and a number of ceremonial carriages - including one the chauffeur said was used by the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer for their wedding.

It has been claimed that he discussed security codes and also the Queen’s travel arrangements for the coming week.

According to reports, when Sirjusingh, in his chauffeur’s uniform, walked with the two men through a police security checkpoint, no one was asked to show identification.

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