Sarah Ferguson offers access to royal family for money

May 25, 2010

Although first broken by News of the World, the Fergie scandal has now swept through the country taking the top spot in media gossip after the elections.

The Duchess of York was exposed by a reporter for the tabloid when he posed as a wealthy businessman. Published in News of the World Sunday, the story revealed that Sarah Ferguson was offering access to the royal family in exchange for some serious cash.

Video footage taken by the reporter depicts the duchess appearing to accept a cash payment of $40,000. Shaking the ‘business man’s’ hand she tells him she can open up any doors he needs. According to a spokesman from the tabloid, the video footage was the fruits of a month-long investigation begun after credible intel was received that the duchess was willing to jeopardise the UK’s reputation for money.

Sarah Ferguson, former Weight Watchers’ spokeswoman, allegedly told the reporter that she could provide unlimited access to Queen Elizabeth’s second son for £500,000. Since the news broke, Ms Ferguson has since issued a public apology adding that her finances were waning at the time. Ms Ferguson had remained close friends with the prince even after their divorce.

Buckingham Palace has also issued a statement on behalf of the prince saying he denies all knowledge of the meeting between Ms Ferguson and the News of the World reporter. Ms Ferguson retained her title after she divorced the Duke of York, but is no longer a royal. She currently lives in a wing of his house and her settlement entitles her to an allowance of £15,000 a year.


One Response to “Sarah Ferguson offers access to royal family for money”

  1. Alan Gorman on May 26th, 2010 2:38 am

    15,000 a year?

    It’s little wonder she’s trying to peddle access to her husband.

    Why doesn’t she take Andy to court and seek a decent spousal support judgment?