Sky Sports pundits apologise for sexism

January 24, 2011

Two Sky Sports football pundits have been forced to apologise after sexist comments they made about a female lines official were leaked to the media. Richard Keys and Andy Gray, both previously respected in the profession, uttered the offensive remarks during Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Wolves this weekend.

Although their remarks about lineswoman Sian Massey were not broadcast live, their microphones were still on and a transcript of their conversation was later leaked to the press.

The smug pair suggested that Ms Massey did not know the offside rule after she made a controversial decision to allow Liverpool’s first goal in the 38th minute. Keys said that someone should explain the rules to Massey before Grays commented that no women knew the rules of the game.

Sky Sports, which also owns the right to broadcast the Women’s FA Cup final, moved quickly to discipline the pair. The channel said the two had shown regret and apologised, though it is not clear whether such an apology was made directly to Massey.

Ms Massey had the last laugh however after her decision to allow Raul Meireles’s pass to Fernando Torres - who then scored - to stand, was later shown to be spot on in television action replays. The 25-year-old lineswoman has not yet commented on the sexist remarks made by the two disgraced presenters.


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