Supergran to sell robber clobbering bag on eBay

February 17, 2011

A 71-year-old crime fighter who has been dubbed “supergran” by the British press is to sell the handbag she clobbered jewellery thieves with on eBay. Ann Timson, who stopped a robbery at a Rolex store in Northampton, has become an international sensation since a video of her attacking thieves was posted on the internet.

The 71-year-old, who denies being a hero, has appeared on US talk show NBC after been flown out to New York for an interview. On the show, the flame-haired pensioner said she hopes to get a few hundred pounds for auctioning her handbag online which she will give to charity.

Ms Timson also revealed how she sprinted towards the sledgehammer-wielding thugs and attacked them with her bag as she thought someone was being assaulted. She added that she believed it was adrenaline that spurred her on as she has arthritis and seldom runs. 

After Ms Timson’s efforts, one man was arrested at the scene and four other fled empty-handed. They have, however, all been apprehended and are due to appear at Northampton Magistrates’ Court, charged with stealing a vehicle and attempted robbery.

Ms Timson said that when she realised what was happening in her home town in broad daylight, she couldn’t believe their check. She added that no one else seemed to be doing anything so she waded in with her trusty black bag.


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