Weight Watchers launches PointsPlus

December 1, 2010

Weight Watchers has reworked its successful 13-year calorie-counting scheme integrating a new science, the weight-loss company said today.

According to the firm, the new points-based system, dubbed PointsPlus, factors in weight loss, but also includes an emphasis on healthy living and eating habits. The CEO of Weight Watchers, Karen Miller Kovach said the new points system represents the most advanced research in the weight loss market.

PointsPlus, she adds, outreaches traditional calorie-counting to factor in the nature of where calories are being derived from. According to Ms Kovach, Weight Watchers had used 13 years of experience in counting calories to develop the new livable system.

The new formula takes into account each calorie and how it process and breaks down energy. This allows Weight Watchers customers to not only count calories, but do so in the most effective way possible.

Ms Kovach added that the new system was an opportunity to launch the most recent breakthroughs in weight loss science. Ms Kovach adds that Weight Watchers only backs formulas they believe will work for their clients.

Weight Watchers has grown to be a multi-national corporation after being founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch in Brooklyn. It now appears in 30 countries offering 50,000 weekly meetings worldwide.


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